Why Bleu Blanc Rousse?

Because a little chauvinism is Ok!

And because whether we are exploring France on foot, by bike, train or car, we are always on the lookout for locally made products.

We created this web site so we could share our favorite French-made articles. This will not be a complete listing but we will share products that we personally have found, tried out, liked and adopted for use ourselves.

Every article on the site has been tested and appreciated for its quality, aesthetics, usefulness, comfort and cost­-effectiveness.

We’ll not only tell you where the article is manufactured and where you can buy it, but we also add a few personal comments.

Why should we buy products “Made in France?” To save jobs, to support the local and national economies, to find or re­discover products of quality, to minimize environmental impact, to respect social standards…

BBR is a citizen initiative on a volunteer basis. Share your favorite things with us, too!

A red hen and its chicks

Photo: Jorge Elias for L214