Sketchbook of paper placemats

ALEXANDRE TURPAULTlogo de la marque Alexandre Turpault (France 1847)

Home and kitchen

One day, my friend Valerie visited me with a big folder. Sketchbook? Big comic book? I was surprised to discover some paper placemats from Alexandre Turpault brand.
Sketchbook of 28 paper placemats with 4 different patterns, size 42*29.7cm. Small flying birds and leaves on a green, grey, blue or pink background, in recycled paper and vegetable dyes.
The motifs are finely drawn. You can use them for family lunch and allow the children to draw on some new birds but I prefer to use them for french « chic dinners ». I don’t know if everybody would appreciate fashionable paper placemats made in the North of France, but I’m definitely won over by the idea. And it’s very trendy. The Dutch company Pepin Press offers a range of paper placemats with artistic designs (1970’s, Art déco, India, William Morris, Modernism, Japanese patterns…).

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Coffee cup

NIKO LE PIRATE logo de la marque BlaBla

Home and kitchen

Joséphine, knowing that we like French products, chickens and cats, offered us two sweet coffee cups for Christmas. Amongst the design available, I would naturally prefer the little hen and it friend the cat. But what is terrible, and you shouldn’t tell her, it’s that I hardly dare to use them because I don’t want to break them ! Nevertheless,  they are perfect for 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Espressos. It’s an exciting discovery which I recommend to anyone who visits the South East.  Continue reading

Pot holder

LARTIGUE 1910logo de la marque Lartigue 1910 (tissage de linge Basque)


I had lot of French presents this Christmas. I’m really touched that you think of the “Petite Rousse” and help her to find new “pride and joy” !  My cousin Cécile gave me two pot holders  from Lartigue 1910, a French company near Biarritz. They are beautiful with red and camel stripes and I like that they are sewn on the diagonal which make them bend as a clip to catch the hot serving dish. I present them to you with a serving dish from the new collection Toulouse of Pilluvyt, a favourite of the Berry region.
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Black fig reed diffuser

ESTEBANlogo de la marque ESTEBAN (Paris Parfums)


Because the young generation have fallen in love with Yankee candles, it would be good to remind them it that in France we have artisans perfumers who create fragrances for several years. Esteban fragrances are subtle and I like to smell them in my house, lying on the sofa with a book. My favourite fragrances are black fig, orchid, “esprit de thé” and cedar. An invitation to escape.

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Vintage 70s Carafe

LA CARAFELa Carafe brand logo

Home and kitchen

It’s the vintage carafe from our French school canteen in the 1970s! I prefer the orange one but it comes in several modern colours. With a maximum capacity of 1.3 litres, it’s light, unbreakable, easily washable and Bisphenol A free. It was under the Christmas Tree; not for me but for my sister in law. This carafe is perfect for dining on her terrace or in her garden, during summer in the Landes.

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Megeve handbag

GRUNENBERGERGrunenBerger 1854 Paris brand logo


I don’t know what I ever did without it for so long! When I met Lina Grunenberger to talk about her products, I was very interested in the relocation to France of the manufacturing of this bag, but I didn’t need one at the time. A few months later, I began a new job and took the subway every day, and I needed a zipped handbag. I ordered the MEGEVE handbag, made in France. It’s the perfect handbag. You can put a laptop inside, you can zip it and the handles are just the right size for all coats or jackets. I love the simple design and the soft brown leather.

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Chamois knife

FONTENILLE PATAUDFontenille-Pataud Gilles, Thiers-France, brand logo

Home and kitchen

Le Chamois is the legendary companion of French mountain folk.
With it’s juniper burl handle, it was the perfect gift for both of our fathers. Mine has it in his pocket almost all the time whereas my father-in-law never uses his! It is now our knife and it is the perfect knife to go on a hike with or in a Parisian kitchen.

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Knitting yarn

FILATURE DU VALGAUDEMARFilature du Valgaudemar brand logo

Home and kitchen

It would seem that knitting is fashionable again. I know a person who brought back knitting yarn from Peru recently. In January 2016, I wrote an article about the company “Bergers Cathares”, which offers an original option to adopt a goat. This is another factory recommended by the same friend. This factory doesn’t breed its animals, but remains vigileant on the origin of fibres and animal shearing.

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First name bowl

FAÏENCERIE DE PORNICFaïencerie de Pornic brand logo

Home and kitchen

I’m sure that this bowl reminds you of your childhood! Somewhere you most likely have a bowl with “ears” with your first name on it. Do you know the difference between the small Breton at the bottom of the bowl of the earthenware factory of Pornic and the small Breton of the earthenware factory of Quimper? The first one stands behind his wife and the second one is in front of his wife. My friend Claire used this question every morning with her son: “Where is the small Breton?!? You need to finish your milk to see him”. If you want to make your own bowl, visit the workshop at the factory: you can paint your own plate and collect it 4 days later (the time needed for enamelling and firing).

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BICBic brand logo


Why am I talking about a BIC lighter, a product available since 1973 with 4 million retail outlets? Because when you buy a lighter, you don’t choose its color or size, you choose a country! Look at the top of the lighter. You can see “made in France” or “made in Spain”… Make the right choice:)

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