The BBR concept

A label for French Production

Did you know that in France and Europe, origin labeling of non-food products is not mandatory?

If the product is labeled, in general the label uses the standards of the country in which it underwent its last substantial transformation.

What’s a substantial transformation? That’s a complicated question. The details are found on the EU site: here.

Some public and private labels already exist (see Guide du marquage d’origine France) created by professionals or ad hoc committees in order to balance out origin indications and logos which are purely declaratory.

So why not have our own label?* The BBR label is awarded after the products have been personally tested, research has been done on the Internet in order to know the company better, then it is confirmed after discussion with the company.

A BBR product must be made in France (design, manufacture, packaging), by a company established in France, and the “cherry on top” is the raw materials are produced mainly in France as well.

To find out more about our BBR Label and its BB version, read the “labeling process“.

logo of BBR Label for french manufacturing

* “The notion of a label is not a legal one, but a misnomer designating a collective brand recognizable by distinctive signs: for example, a logo.”