Tank top “Le Marc”


Galucebo logo


Is the tank top for men old-fashioned or fashionable? It’s a good question! When my husband wanted to buy a tank top, it was not easy to find. But with the help of Qwant (french search engine), I discovered Galucebo and the tank top “Le Marc”. 100% ribbed cotton, rounded neck and sleeves. Knitted in Roanne, an indispensable element for a man’s wardrobe! Ordered online, free fast delivery in France (less than 4 days). Very easy to wear in Summer with bermuda shorts.
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Eau de toilette Belle Chérie


Fragonard Logo


In 2016, Fragonard celebrated its 90th anniversary, and I discovered its eau de toilette Belle Chérie, a gift from a sweet friend. Belle Chérie its “a bouquet of flowers, fruits, and wood to celebrate this carefree fragrance. A top note of tangerine and star fruit, a middle note of jasmine, heliotrope and lily-of-the-valley and a back note of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla”. I have always preferred bergamot, cedar wood and ginger fragrances, seem to suit the summer. eau de toilette BelIe Chérie is warming on a cold morning, so it seems to suit me in the winter. I don’t know if I’m carefree but this Eau de Toilette helps me to be less speedy!
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Bistro chair


Fermob logo


When you live in Paris with a so cute but so small balcony, if you want to be able to drink a coffee or a glass of wine outside, enjoying the view of the Eiffel Towel, you need Fermob chairs and table! It was a difficult choice to find the right colours, but Formob is an invitation to “Joie de Vivre”. So I chose a purple table, a red chair and an orange chair. For 7 years now, my Fermob furniture withstands pollution, bad weather and pigeons and magpies !
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Li Hemp Apron


Couleur Chanvre logo


This apron is inspired by a certain Japanese simplicity, it is worn by simply slipping it on over the head, like a summer dress, with no fastening. Elegant over a pair of jeans, offering protection over a delicate shirt, this apron is made with hemp, the oldest plant to be used by man for fabrics, medicine, construction or paper.
The first ever Denim jeans were manufactured from hemp. But hemp was a victim of chemical industry lobbyists in the 1930s.
To buy a gift to my favorite sister, I visited the shop in Paris. A sweet sales assistant helped me to choose the colour. With its two pockets, I love it (and she loves it too! She wears it to work in her studio). My next wish? To sleep in Couleur Chanvre bedlinen!
Easy to wash (even at 60°C). Use of a tumble dryer is highly recommended to ensure that the items get their volume and flexibility back again.
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Spirito straw hat

Logo Gang De Grand-Mères (GDGM) brand


“Toulousain Tricot’lore” wollen cap for winter or Spirito straw hat for summer?! A difficult choice!!! I Eventually I bought a straw hat, with a crocheted ribbon and a leather logo, all made in France (Tarn and Vaucluse). Perfect to face the summer heat! My summer was not very hot but I used it every single sunny day. In this pic, during a great day in the Cotswold lavender fields.
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Paulette dungarees


logo Quintessence, French brand


Quintessence is my favourite of this Autumn. A short chat with my sister about new French brands, a picture on Instagram…And suddenly I want to wear Paulette dungarees, as if I was 20 years old again. In white cord, you can wear it with boots or trainers. It’s a very confortable clothing item. The perfect outfit for a sunny autumn day. Continue reading

Perfume La fille Cool


Logo Le Parfum Citoyen, French brand


Le Parfum Citoyen is a new young brand, launched in 2017 by Adrien, grandson of a perfumer from Grasse. To choose my fragrance, I received 15 samples this summer. What a difficult choice! After a fortnight of hesitation and trial, I chose “La Fille cool”. With lemon, mandarin, persimmon, orchid and amber notes, it’s definitely me! Continue reading

Sleeveless Dress

LA FÉE MARABOUTÉELogo de la marque la Fee Maraboutée


I love La Fée Maraboutée dresses, firstly because it reminds me of my childhood friends from Roanne and then because La Fée Maraboutée dresses are easy to wear and original. They are  most popular pieces of La Fée’s collection. The dress takes numerous forms throughout the seasons. I have four La Fée dresses in my wardrobe and the best compliment when I wear one is “You are very elegant, really french style”.

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Feather Tights

BERTHE AUX GRANDS PIEDSlogo de la marque Berthe aux Grands Pieds (depuis 1999, fabriqué en France)

Socks and tights

Berthe was none other than the mother of King Charlemagne and the wife of Pepin the Short. Queen Berthe had one foot bigger than the other, as the story relates. My Berthe has no big foot, she isn’t called Berthe either, but she wears her Christmas gift tights with a lot of french elegance. They are soft and original, like her. And as they are very hard-wearing she will be able to wear them a long time to inspire us.

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