Sleeveless Dress

LA FÉE MARABOUTÉELogo de la marque la Fee Maraboutée


I love La Fée Maraboutée dresses, firstly because it reminds me of my childhood friends from Roanne and then because La Fée Maraboutée dresses are easy to wear and original. They are  most popular pieces of La Fée’s collection. The dress takes numerous forms throughout the seasons. I have four La Fée dresses in my wardrobe and the best compliment when I wear one is “You are very elegant, really french style”.

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First name bowl

FAÏENCERIE DE PORNICFaïencerie de Pornic brand logo

Home and kitchen

I’m sure that this bowl reminds you of your childhood! Somewhere you most likely have a bowl with “ears” with your first name on it. Do you know the difference between the small Breton at the bottom of the bowl of the earthenware factory of Pornic and the small Breton of the earthenware factory of Quimper? The first one stands behind his wife and the second one is in front of his wife. My friend Claire used this question every morning with her son: “Where is the small Breton?!? You need to finish your milk to see him”. If you want to make your own bowl, visit the workshop at the factory: you can paint your own plate and collect it 4 days later (the time needed for enamelling and firing).

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BICBic brand logo


Why am I talking about a BIC lighter, a product available since 1973 with 4 million retail outlets? Because when you buy a lighter, you don’t choose its color or size, you choose a country! Look at the top of the lighter. You can see “made in France” or “made in Spain”… Make the right choice:)

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