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The Petite Rousse met Smarty in 2015, at the “Made In France” show. And she fell in love with this little rat and Nadia, his mother. Nadia puts all of her passion and heart (and it’s a big one) into her creation. Nadia told us about their story, and took time to listen to ours. Nadia and Smarty were the “ray of sunshine” on this grey Parisian November day. Today Smarty protects Titouan with the dedication of his mummy “Thank you Smarty! Your big eyes hypnotize Titouan and calm him, it is impressive”.

TESTED FOR YOU: Smarty le rat

BBR label - Made in FranceLabel BBR since April 2016 and confirmed by the company (thanks 😉 )

Manufactured at Châteaubourg (35)

Shops: stores list here

Website (e-shopping available)

Outlet: yes

Company profile:

Smarty is a little rat travelling around the world to find exceptional manufacturers. Smarty protects children so he offers only environmentally friendly, safe and healthy products.
Smarty is made by Maïlou Tradition in Brittany, the collection of stuffed toys and dolls is completely hand-made, and each piece is unique.

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