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“Toulousain Tricot’lore” wollen cap for winter or Spirito straw hat for summer?! A difficult choice!!! I Eventually I bought a straw hat, with a crocheted ribbon and a leather logo, all made in France (Tarn and Vaucluse). Perfect to face the summer heat! My summer was not very hot but I used it every single sunny day. In this pic, during a great day in the Cotswold lavender fields.

TESTED FOR YOU : Spirito straw hat

Label BBR - Conçu et Fabriqué en FranceLabel BBR since September 2017 – and confirmed by the company (thanks 😉 )

Manufactured at  Les Angles (30)

Shops : retailers here

Website (e-shopping available) : gangdegrandmeres.co.uk

Outlet : no

Company profile :

Le Gang de Grand-Mères is Hugo’s idea in 2014. The brand offers colourful fashion accessories (scarf, hat, wollen cap, tie…) handmade by French grandmothers in Provence. You choose your item, you choose your colour and you choose your preferred grandmother to make you your cap tailored with love. And a few days later, you will receive your accessory in your letter box. Each GDGM Logo is engraved in leather in Aix en Provence, and then they are painted by hand in their workshop: both tell you that each piece is unique. We particulary like than 30% of profits from their sales go to “Les Mamies du gang” association, to tackle elderly social isolation.

MY Photo

My Spirito straw hat by Gang de Grand-Mères

Official website Photo

Spirito straw hat GDGM cotton and cashmere ribbon

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