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LA FÉE MARABOUTÉELogo de la marque la Fee Maraboutée


I love La Fée Maraboutée dresses, firstly because it reminds me of my childhood friends from Roanne and then because La Fée Maraboutée dresses are easy to wear and original. They are  most popular pieces of La Fée’s collection. The dress takes numerous forms throughout the seasons. I have four La Fée dresses in my wardrobe and the best compliment when I wear one is “You are very elegant, really french style”.

TESTED FOR YOU : Sleeveless ecru and orange dress

    Label BB - Conçu en France et fabriqué en EuropeLabel BB since September 2015 and confirmed by the company (thanks 😉 )

Manufactured at Mably (42)

Shops : link to find a store here

Website (e-shopping available) :

Outlet : no

Company profile :

La Fée Maraboutée was created in 1996 in Roanne (Burgundy), home of the french textile industry. The brand was born from the imagination of Jean-Pierre Braillard, a free and independant designer who had his own interpretation of fashion.
Today 95% of the collection are made in Europe. 85% of the production is made in Italy, with the aim of combining French taste and creativity with the italian know-how.


ma robe sans manche, imprimé floral multicolore sur fond écru, de la Fée Maraboutée


robe courte sans manche, tissu soyeux qui renvoie bien la lumière, imprimé floral multicolore sur fond écru, biais transversal orange en bas et base effet pailleté doré, fermée dans le dos par un zip, coupe droite, légèrement évasée en bas

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