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Do you know Etain? It’s a very small city in the East of France. Nobody knows Etain but everybody knows PetitCollin dolls. French girls have PetitCollin dolls for generations! I spent two years in Etain and I made some lovely friends. We visited the factory and since then, I have given a PetitCollin doll to all the young girls in my family, and among friends (many thanks to Marguerite who lent me her baby for the picture).

TESTED FOR YOU : “Choupinette” doll

BBR label - Made in FranceLabel BBR since September 2015 and confirmed by the company (thanks 😉 )

Manufactured at Etain (55)

Shops: all the shops here, on PetitCollin website

Website: www.petitcollin.com

Outlet: Yes

Company profile:

Petitcollin was founded in 1860. The company has built up a wealth of expertise in manufacturing dolls and the result is a beautiful collection still loved by children today.
Petitcollin continues to make dolls in the traditional way. Customers are invited to visit the Petitcollin museum and factory to see the dolls being made.

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