Black fig reed diffuser

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Because the young generation have fallen in love with Yankee candles, it would be good to remind them it that in France we have artisans perfumers who create fragrances for several years. Esteban fragrances are subtle and I like to smell them in my house, lying on the sofa with a book. My favourite fragrances are black fig, orchid, “esprit de thé” and cedar. An invitation to escape.

TESTED FOR YOU : Black fig reed diffuser

Label BBR - Conçu et Fabriqué en FranceLabel BBR since March 2017  and confirmed by the company (thanks 😉 )

Manufactured at  Lavérune (34)

Shops : Points of sale here

Website (e-shopping available) :

Outlet : no

Company profile :

In the South of France, Esteban has created his own world, midway between Mediterranean culture and the refinement of Japan. The company created for over 30 years a rare olfactory experience.
Their love of perfume and their passion for travel have produced collections, imbued with poetry for the bath and the home. Their unique fragrances combine escapism and well-being.

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Bouquet parfumé "Figue Noire" de Esteban

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