The BBR labeling process

BBR is a label of heart, free and declarative

The Petite Rousse always trusts the company, and you trust her.


The Petite Rousse is constantly looking for products that seem made in France. She does that for fun, for her, for her friends, for her family… It is a hobby, she does this voluntarily and has no interest with referenced companies.


And sometimes, it is people like you and me that have tried a product and liked it, and who contact the Petite Rousse to share their find.


Before buying a spotted product, the Petite Rousse checks that the product is quality, the price is justified, it is beautiful and useful, and she searches the Internet to verify that it is well manufactured in France (design, manufacture, packaging). If in doubt, she simply gives up!


Once she or friends of BBR have bought and tested the product, they write a post to say all the good things they thought of it. They add a portrait of the company, and the photo of the product in “use” compared to the official photo from the company. If everything is made in France, the Petite Rousse awards it the BBR label, and if a part is made in Europe, only the BB label.


The Petite Rousse then contacts the company and sends the hyperlink to the post for content validation. As soon as the company has answered, she adds the words “confirmed by the company“. If the company indicates that it manufactures in Europe, she changes the label, and if it manufactures elsewhere, she removes the post.


The label has an award date. Every year, la Petite Rousse performs a small check on the Internet and with companies in order to verify  that the information is up to date and the links are still working… But you can also tell her if you detected an anomaly!