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LARTIGUE 1910logo de la marque Lartigue 1910 (tissage de linge Basque)


I had lot of french presents this Christmas. I’m really touched that you think of the “Petite Rousse” and help her to find new pride and joy !  My cousin Cécile gave me two kitchen glove from Lartigue 1910, a french company near Biarritz. They are beautiful with the red and camel stripes and I appreciate their sewing in diagonal which make themselves bend as a clip to catch the hot serving dish. I present them to you with a serving dish of the new collection Toulouse of Pilluvyt, a safe bet of Berry.

TESTED FOR YOU : Kitchen glove

Label BBR - Conçu et Fabriqué en FranceBBR Label since March 2017  and confirmed by the company (thanks 😉 )

Manufactored at  Ascain et Bidos (64)

Shops : Points of sale here

Website (e-shopping available) :

Outlet : yes (at Ascain and Bidos)

Company profile :

In 1910, Calixte and Anastasie Lartigue base to Oloron-Ste-Marie one of the first linen workshops with rope-soled sandals and berets of the region. Since then, 4 generations immortalized the art of the weaving with creativity and passion. Philippe Lartigue, Creator Weaver, creates the mark “1910 Lartigue” in homage to the 1st weaving workshop of the family and throws a new concept: the guided tour of the factory of weaving and preparation associated with a store of discovery of collections made on the spot.


Deux maniques Lartigue 1910 avec un plat de la nouvelle collection Toulouse de Pillivuyt

Official website picture

manique basque rayure Elaia grise par Lartigue 1910, tisserand depuis 4 generation, Made in France

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